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Do you want to get Free Poptropica Prizes?

Here in FreePoptropica you will certainly get whatever you want.

In three simple steps :

  • Signup for an account : just by filling in a username, password and your email address. this step is so important so when you win we can identify you and deliver your prize.
  • Collect some points : collecting points is as easy as you will spend just 5 to 15 minutes filling one or more survey so you can redeem your Poptropica preferred prize(s) with this points.
  • Redeem Your Prize : duly after collecting the desired points go directely to the Redeem Prizes page ask for your prize and you shall get it between 3 to 5 days.

How is our services works?

Wondering how our service works, how we give all this poptropica prizes for free?, our service is actually depends on what is called "Commercial Open Cycle" you will earn points from filling out our surveys which it helps us to recognize that you are not a fake person or an automatic bot then you will be able to use this points to exchange it with free poptropica memberships or free poptropica credits or even cheats.

What are points worth?

30 points = 4 x 500 Credit Pack
35 points = 6 Months Membership
40 points = 10 x 500 Credit Pack
75 points = Full Year Membership
65 points = Ultimate Cheats Guide
You need 30 points before you can redeem the prize.

Get Your Free Points Right Now